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PV modules are the most efficient when they are installed perpendicularly to the sun. When they are fixed onto an underconstruction, this condition is fulfilled only for three hours per day, a few months during the year. Around 30% of the annual yield is lost because of that. It is possible to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic modules by installing a tracking system – an undercnstruction that "follows" the sun.

The Chart shows the effect of the use of a tracking system in comparison with a fixed underconstruction (the chart shows the yield of 1.15 kWp PV system installed on a fixed underconstruction – dark red and a tracking system – dark red plus yellow on a sunny summer day).

Driven by a system of actuators, the tracking system follows the sun from East to West, changing its position at certain time intervals. It is also possible to adjust (manually or automatically) the angle at which PV modules are installed depending on the season. The system is controlled by time cotrollers and light intensity sensors. The information from time controlling mechanisms and sensors is passed to the controller, which turns on the actuator. PV modules are positioned perpendicularly to the sun. Thanks to the use of high-class actuators, a typical tracking system for a 1.15 kWp PV system uses only 10 Wh of energy per day.